Book 1 – Hoplite

Hoplite: Olympian Book 1

While trying to follow his hoplite father, Alexander becomes trapped aboard a troop ship. His life spins out of control when the making port, the seemingly benign state of Samos overthrows the mighty Athenian army and tragedy strikes. He soon realises that the foes in his own camp are more dangerous than the Samian rebels. When one of his only friends and allies on the island goes missing, Alexander has to further endanger his own life to try and find him but by doing so he puts his friends life, and his mother back in Athens, in danger.

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Hoplite by Lee Ness


Book 2 – Cadet

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Alexander has secured his place at military academy, but as soon as he arrives, trouble strikes in the form of two enemies from Samos. When he decides to fight back against his oppressors, his situation goes from bad to worse until he has no-one to turn to. When he finally gives up his most hated enemy offers hims a lifeline. Can he be trusted, or is this another psychological ploy?

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Cadet: Olympian Book 2



Book 3 – Academy

Cast out from military academy, Alexander arrives at one of Athens biggest Olympic academies under a cloud. As a military reject he must win back his respect, but who to side with? With red hair from his Thracian mother,  he doesn’t get a choice and grudgingly sides with the other outcasts, the overweight rich kid, the fiery girl and the academic. But Alexander is no pushover and he knows how to fight back. Using everything he has learned on Samos and at the military academy, Alexander fights his way up the ranks, but if he thought a sporting academy was less dangerous than a military one, he soon realises his mistake. Can he make it to the Youth Olympics against all the odds?

Book 4 – Competitor

After the disaster of the qualifying tournament, Alexander must reestablish himself at a new academy. Now he has friends, including the boyish but beautiful Bion, and his enemies are less dangerous but much more competitive. Draco, his opponent for the Olympic pentathlon selection has trained all his life for his chance. He won’t let a half-breed take his place and his friends will make sure Alexander has no chance. He is now competing with Draco for selection and for Bion. With the odds, and the head of the academy, against him, can he win both? Which is more important?

Book 5 – Olympian

What next for Alexander?