Free E-Book for D.E.M.-Deus Ex Machina Success

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Pushing out D.E.M.-Deus Ex Machina as a Free E-Book on Amazon seems to be working. My book is now #2 in US and UK in Free Books Techno-Thrillers and Espionage respectively. See the images below.

Free E-Book



Free E-Book

After day 1, almost 1000 people have downloaded the book. Hopefully this will drive sales for the sequel, D.E.M.-Quid Pro Quo.

Free E-Book

The promotion as a free e-book runs from 27 – 31 January as a promotion for my new book D.E.M.-Quid Pro Quo which is also now available for pre-order.

See the links here:
Amazon US

Amazon UK


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