The Sports Motivation Masterplan Review by Olympian Craig Pickering

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Craig Pickering

The Sports Motivation Masterplan – Review by Olympian Craig Pickering

The Sports Motivation Masterplan by Lee Ness is a book I wish I had been able to get my hands on as a developing athlete. Through the book, Lee provides advice on a wide variety of topics that will be useful to developing athletes, their parents, and their coaches. Right from the beginning, Lee provides a framework for selecting a sporting goal, and then discusses how to achieve this goal. The book looks in depth at how to get the best out of yourself through a range of physical and mental techniques, including an in-depth discussion of “The Zone” and how to get there, how to turn weaknesses into strengths, and mind games. There is also a whole section on how to deal with various obstacles, such as injuries and poor performance. The chapter on choking contained within this section was excellent; this chapter alone is one that everyone should read. Overall, the book provides insights and explanations that mirror my experiences over 15 years as a successful athlete, having worked with a number of different coaches and sports psychologists in an attempt to improve my performance. Essential reading for anyone that wants to reach their sporting potential.

European Indoor Championships, 60m – Silver (2007)
European U23 Championships, 100m – Silver (2007)
European Cup, 100m – Gold (2007)
World Championships, 4x100m – Bronze (2007)
World Championships, 100m – 11th (2007)
AAAs Under-23 Championships, 100m – Gold (2006)
European Junior Championships, 100m – Gold (2005)
World Junior Championships, 100m – Bronze (2003)

Olympian – Beijing 2008  – 4x100m

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