The Sports Motivation Masterplan Review by Olympian Richard Buck

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Richard Buck

The Sports Motivation Masterplan review by Richard Buck

“When I first started my sporting career, I was good, but I was not as good as a lot of the other aspiring athletes around me. Through a series of serendipitous circumstances I was fortunate enough to continue through to elite sport. I think one of the things that I realised was, that talent isn’t as big of a factor as you’d think when you picture success.

Lee has started to break down the processes that allow you to maximise what you have, so that you don’t have to be an unfortunate victim of fate and circumstance. Lee encourages you to take ownership over your own journey and development, but i think most importantly, he outlines the process that can lead to success.

I very much enjoyed reading The Sports Motivation Master Plan by Lee Ness; I think it has some valuable lessons that we can all take on board. We never stop trying to improve ourselves, so it’s vital we understanding the process that leads to progression.”

Event Best Location Date
200 metres 21.72 s, 21.42 w, 21.4 hand-timed Manchester, England 24 July 2004
300 metres (indoor) 33.96 s Sheffield, England 10 December 2005
400 metres 45.61 s Geneva, Switzerland 2 June 2012
400 metres (indoor) 45.88 s Birmingham, England 18 February 2012


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