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Quid Pro Quo

My new book D.E.M. – Quid Pro Quo  (the sequel to D.E.M. – Deus Ex Machina) launches on 29 February.

Rachel, Cam, Deborah and Dave are on the run. They are being hunted by person or persons unknown but they do know they are in grave danger. 
When they are eventually tracked down, they are offered a stark choice. Execution or a mission. Their freedom in return for a task. Quid Pro Quo 
There really is no choice for the team, but when their individual histories start to rise from the darkness, the danger is beyond what any of them could have imagined.

You can pre-order here:

To celebrate, I’m making the e-book for D.E.M. – Deus Ex Machina Free for 5 days from 27 January 2016 to 31 January 2016.

The email pinged again. The attachment was a picture of the door to her flat. She reeled. Clasping her hand to her mouth as she retched again.
“It was never about the money, Rachel. It was always about you. I could use someone with your skills. I’ll be in touch. I know where you live. D.E.M.”

No good turn goes unpunished! 

When Rachel is spurred to use her computing skills to find an abducted boy, she has no idea that it will bring her to the attention of an anonymous vigilante. Is the vigilante what he seems and what does he want with Rachel? 

Rachel is coerced by the mysterious D.E.M. to carry out hacking on seemingly innocuous companies, helped by her friends Deborah, Cam and Cam’s ill-tempered boss, Dave. 

As she gets drawn deeper into their world, she tries to find out more, only to put herself and her friends in grave danger. 

When she finally realises that the mysterious D.E.M. isn’t a vigilante at all, Rachel is in a race against time to save her friends and prevent an escalation in the war between Israel and Palestine.

You can get it here (the price will change between those dates ONLY):


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